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Wagyu can now be found in the middle of Mudéjar territory, with the purest genetics of the most valued bloodline in Japan. Mudéjar Wagyu are pioneers in Wagyu breeding in Spain. Based in the heart of Teruel on an idyllic farm near the village of Aliaga, we raise specimens of the Tajima variety of Wagyu.

With a strict selection process of the best genetics and the purest breed, we take care of the smallest details in all phases of breeding and raising Wagyu.

We pamper every step of their lives, from the moment they are born until their full adult maturity.

The Wagyus are breastfed directly from the udders of their mother, until having reached 6 months of development they stop breastfeeding by themselves. At that moment they go on to graze freely in the field, and begin an important phase of growth based on a carefully controlled, secret and natural cereal-based diet that is adapted to each phase of rearing.

The adult Wagyu is the result of the animal’s wellbeing and upbringing, the environmental management of the surroundings, the carefully controlled nutrition and the integrity of the product.


Martín Berasategui

Mudéjar Wagyu’s Gastronomic Consultant

The wisdom of the Spanish chef who posesses twelve Michelin Stars oversees the breeding of the best Wagyu genetics. The advice of Martín Berasategui in the nutrition and raising of Wagyu Mudéjar cattle, together with the cattle-breeding experience of decades of work and the care of our vets, guarantees the optimal result in the final product.

The fatty, melt-in-the-mouth intramuscular marbling of the meat, the extreme tenderness and succulent flavour make Wagyu Mudéjar meat one of the highest-quality, most refined and valuable foods in international gastronomy. The Mudéjar Wagyu animals bear the signature of Martín Berasategui, ready to become the stars of the finest culinary creations.
Martín Berasategui

Martín Berasategui

Wagyu genetics, Mudéjar soul

100% Wagyu Genetics

Mudéjar Wagyu differs from the rest of the Wagyu beef producing brands by being pioneers in rearing pure breed animals, with genetically 100% Wagyu blood from Japanese ancestry.

The exceptional genetic lineage provides a seal of quality, and the precise information that we obtain about their genetics ensures that each Wagyu breeding pair fits perfectly.

The combination of the Wagyu genetics, the diet and growth environment, and the guarantee of a natural infiltration of their own body fat between the muscles in the end guarantee an extraordinarily unique flavour, texture and juiciness. The genetics of the Wagyu Mudéjar can be traced through parental verification using DNA certification.

Mudéjar Wagyu is a member of the associations that best protect this race of Japanese origin outside the territory of Japan:

asociacion wagyu

Asociación de Wagyu Australia (AWA)

asociacion wagyu

Criadores Españoles de Wagyu (SWB).

asociacion wagyu

Asociación de Wagyu Reino Unido (WBA)

Mudéjar Wagyu

Mudéjar Wagyu guarantees the genetic certification of each animal, making possible for all customers the acces to the genetic file of each one of them. In this way is possible to know their date of birth, sex, race, ancestry and breeder.


Scientific project guided in its coordination, in certifying animal health and welfare as well as the impact of feeding on the breeding of each specimen, by:

Idia Red de Colaboración en Innovación TIC

Instituto Valenciano de Investigaciones Agrarias

Instituto Nacional de Investigación y Tecnología Agraria y Alimentaria

Instituto Nacional de Investigación y Tecnología Agraria y Alimentaria

Universidad Católica de Valencia

Universidad Católica de Valencia

Centro para el Desarrollo Tecnológico Industrial

Center for Industrial Technological Development

Genética Wagyu


The Secret of
Sustainable Stockbreeding

From birth, each one of our Wagyus is fed by its mother until they stop breastfeeding by themselves. At that moment they move on to our feed that we make ourselves, with supplementary portions throughout the next two years.

The secret of our diet lies in the natural feed which we make ourselves; a perfect combination of cereals cultivated in the same Mudéjar territory and natural foods that are the source of numerous benefits for the growth of our Wagyu.

In the different stages of growth, we make a unique combination of cereals, foods and nutrients adapted to the development needs and the exact moment of growth, which guarantees the perfect and harmonious rearing of the Wagyu. Furthermore our eco-friendly feeding system guarantees the wellbeing of the animals, respect for the environment, a diet based on natural foods, and a thorough care of the Wagyus’ nutrition.

Wagyu pastando Alimentación Wagyu
Entorno Mudéjar Wagyu Logotipo Mudéjar Wagyu Wagyu España
Entorno Mudéjar Wagyu

Mudéjar territory

Wagyu in a
Privileged Natural Environment

Aliaga (Teruel), at over 1,100 metres of altitude, is a naturally rich and ideal place for breeding and rearing this coveted Japanese legend born in Spain.

Our cattle graze and grow here, grazing freely in a zone of high ecological interest and value.

An enclave full of Mudéjar essence, protected by the European Union as a Zone of Special Conservation due to its particular environmental richness – it is an ideal scene for the growth and development of each Wagyu. In the extensive Mudéjar Wagyu farm, valleys and natural springs combine with small hills, where the breeding and rearing of this exceptional race of Japanese origin coexist with the cultivation of cereals and other natural products. It is a cattle-raising environment with centuries of tradition, where animals with exceptional genetics are raised.

Ganadería Wagyu
Pájaros volando Sol

Sustainable stockbreeding

An Eco-friendly Environment
for the Breeding of Wagyu

Tradition and science - this is the perfect combination that results in an excellent product and the improvement of the quality of life of the Mudéjar Wagyu animals.

We provide a totally sustainable environment; from solar panels producing the farm’s entire energy supply, to a completely sustainable process based on the best practices and methods for guaranteeing quality in cereal cultivation. This is the basis of our Wagyus’ completely organic diet, together with the wellbeing provided by the natural surroundings, the quality of the soil, the water efficiency and the climatic variability. The feed that forms the basis of their nutrition is produced from these cereals, together with barley, oats, cevadilla and vetch.

To bring the cycle of a sustainable and totally organic process to a close, the manure from the same animals serves as a natural fertiliser for the cultivation of the cereals.

The Mudéjar Wagyu farm constitutes a natural environment, which is clean and sustainable and perfect for the development and growth of the animals, making it possible to have the final result of a Premium product of a very high quality, in addition to a respectful process with regards to the environment and the life of the animals.

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